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25 November 2010

Understand ayuvedic treatments and enjoy its splendour at Nira Spa of Shanti Maurice Resort and Spa in Mauritius

Shanti Maurice, Nira Spa, Ayurvedic Massage

Going through an ayuvedic experience is a return to the joys of youth and vitality. In stead of looking for a single feeling of relaxation like we usually do in a general spa, ayuvedic treatments are made to give you a real achievement of healing to the body, mind and the spirit, preventing future diseases, so guiding you to a natural way of being. “Ayuvedic Spa” or “Ayuvedic Treatments” are more and more trendy today in the world of spa.

Originated in India 5000 years ago, Ayurveda is a combination of philosophy and medicine and can be translated as “science of life”. Despite it is base on simple and modern belief in the balance of natural elements which is beneficial for all living creatures, Ayuveda continues to be difficult to understand for the occidental mind. Ayuveda is a science because it is a whole system which is composed equally of philosophy and medicine, which means seeking wellness, longevity and healing practices for the body and the spirit. In Ayurveda three principal energies join together to create life in the universe. These energies constitute what is the most important for living creatures because they represent the three processes of growth, maintenance and decay.

In fact, ayuvedic treatments preserve the general balance that all humans need to be healthy. It depends on the three energies or doshas which control the activities of the body : Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The Vata dosha is the most important of the three doshas. In the classic Ayurveda books it is quoted that other doshas are lame without the help of vata. The elements combine with space and air in dominance to form what is Vata Dosha. It dominates the lower part of the body, which is below the umbilicus. represents regions of the intestines, lumbar, ears, bones and skin. Then comes the Pitta Dosha whith Fire and Water in dominence. The Pitta Dosha is responsible for the process of transformation or metabolism, for exemple when foods is being digested. Pitta is also responsible for metabolism in the organs and tissue systems as well as cellular regeneration.

Finally, it is the water and earth elements which join up to form the Kapha Dosha. Kapha is responsible for growth, and structure offering protection. When the three Doshas are well aligned and function in a balanced manner, it results in proper nourishment and well-being for the individual. But when there is imbalance or disharmony within or between them, it will result in disharmony, leading to various kinds of illness. The Ayurvedic concept of physical health revolves round these three Doshas and its primary purpose is to help maintain them in a balanced state and thus to prevent diseases.

Today’s lifestyle filled with stress and strain of this competitive world and new eating habits affects and challenges our health like never before. Our synthetic diet in place of a natural one exposes us to toxins resulting in disorders of metabolism. Ayurveda shows us a healthy way of leaving. India has great ayurvedic centres, especially in Kerala, which offer an all inclusive stay for regaining health and peace to visitors. For these treatment to be really effective, a minimum of number of days is required most of the time. So clients can experience a deep sence of rebirth in their body and spirit.

Ananda in Himalaya” is one of the most famous and beautiful ayuvedic hotel resort in India and it has been adapted few years ago in a tropical version by the luxury hotel resort “Shanti Ananda” located in Mauritius. Actually member of the Nira group, the hotel resort has changed its name to “Shanti Maurice“. Despite this change, Nira Spa has succeed to keep its precious original touch and keeps on offering top quality ayurvedic treatments. The extensive 75,000 sq foot Nira Spa, one of the largest in the Indian Ocean, is built like an enchanting tea pavilion, surrounded by native flower gardens.

Shanti Maurice, Nira Spa, Ocean Massage

Water dominates the atmosphere of Nira Spa with lacs that are decorative and which also help to relieve stress using beautiful plants and exotic fishes. Some of them are designed for therapeutic treatments like Watsu wich is a traditional Indain system of thalassotherapy. That treatment, undertaken by a watsu therapist, is a form of warm water bodywork which combines elements of massage, shiatsu and movement therapy in body temperature salt water. It symbolises rebirth. Stress and tension are washed away, pain is relieved and the body’s natural flexibility is renewed.

Just beside the ocean, the Nira Spa principal pool is one the most beautiful of Mauritius. It is formed by a pure rectangular shape which continues to the ocean and completed, on the opposite end, by an independent smaller pool which is made for balneotherapy treatments. In these surroundings where beauty dominates everything, the Nira Spa also has reached the same perfection. Treatment cards for clients are full of choices which are guaranteed by qualified Indian therapists. Nira Spa maintains same traditional spirit that is found in the best ayurvedic centres located in India.

Spa visits begin with a wellness consultation though which the body type and the current imbalances are detected after examining the physical, mental and emotion conditions. The client is also taught about Vadanta which is a selection of ancient principles of life and living. It enables one to achieve physical dynamism and mental balance directing the individual to the goal of spiritual enlightenment. Physicians then prepare a sequence of treatments and a programme of diet and exercises according to the body type that will help bring more balance, energy and peace to the entire being. Finding treatments which are rare except in ayuvedic centres located in India is a proof of the real commitment of Nira Spa.

So far clients can experience different kinds of treatments according the metabolism of different part of their bodys. The most remarkable ones are Shirodhara and Takradhara in which a liquid, either dosha oil or milk, is slowly poured trough a bronze metal contender on to the forehead of the individual lying on the special ayuvedic wooden table, named Droni. These treatments have beneficial effects on the cellular degeneration which is the first reason for total health and well being. They also heal insomnia, improve memory and in general fight against stress and others neurological disorders. Choornaswedana, also known as the “bundle massage”, is a kind of massage which aims to relieve muscles pains, rheumatism, or arthritis, improves blood circulation and speeds up elimination of toxins. Therapists begin with a general massage of the body using a dosha oil followed by taping rhythmically it which a warmed herbal poultices. Treatments Lepa, Tan Lepa or Musk Mepa are made to deep clean the body and accelerate the elimination of toxins. Following a medicated herbal oil massage, a dosha specific body mask is applied to the entire body, leaving it refreshed and relaxed. Tarpana and Kati are also very effective to treat sensitive area like tired eyes or painful lumbar. Therapists draw a circle made of wheat paste around the sore area and then fill it with liquid, either Ghee (clarified butter) to relieve the pressure of the eyes or warmed oil to heal the painful lumbar area. Exhaustion and pains are immediately soothed.

Treating cellulite problems, chronicle sinusitis, sore throats, or healing gastric problems are some of the other goals of the treatment offer of Nira Spa. In that way clients can really learn about ayuvedic care and philosophy.

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