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13 September 2010

Trou aux Biches Hotel: Environmental attraction

Trou aux Biches Resort & Spa

An absolute gem of a hotel, Trou aux Biches is reopening in November, set in a superb ocean-side setting, on its legendary namesake beach in the north of the island.

To blend harmoniously with the exceptional setting, the hotel has renovated all its buildings and facilities to conform to the most demanding environmental standards.

Everything has been designed so that guests can enjoy their stay in perfect comfort without any negative impact on the environment. The measures taken have included: 1,000 m² of solar-heating panels to supply hot water A composting unit able to handle up to 5 tons of green waste every day A waste-water treatment plant recycling 450m³ every day, of which 300m³ is used for irrigation Kitchens fitted with cold systems that, through cogeneration, will provide all the hot water they need Drinking water and cold-water pumps all fitted with flow regulators that will produce a 40% drop in electricity use High efficiency cold-water production units, with a performance coefficient of 6.7 Swimming pools fitted with a computerised system controlling treatment product use, which ensures optimal water quality and system tracking over a period of time. The pools will also be subject to ozone treatment to provide excellent water quality.

Such examples reflect Trou aux Biches’ commitment to the quality of guest services as well as environmental conservation. In addition, to enhance sustainability, a salt-water desalinisation plant, using inverse osmosis, will provide a daily supply of 450m³ of drinking water. This all makes the Trou aux Biches even more unique and will ensure that it remains one of the leading Mauritian hotels for many years to come.

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