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22 December 2008

The Jiva Spa Boat is ready to Board

JIVA SPA BOATTaj unveils new royal spa experience at Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

The Jiva Spa Boat takes its maiden voyage this autumn on the tranquil waters of Lake Pichola. This unique spa experience, recreates the splendor of the Taj Lake Palace Udaipur, the royal traditions of the House of Mewar and the rejuvenating experiences of the Jiva Spa.

Inspired by the style of the old palaces of Udaipur, the Jiva Spa Boat evokes the stately air of past royal cruises aboard the House of Mewar’s ceremonial Gangaur barge. The design of the boat fuses historical and regal references with contemporary design, featuring a spacious, air conditioned double spa suite, a relaxation lounge, steam bath and shower. The suite opens out onto a large sky deck, which offers a soak bath, traditional lounging bed and dining area with views out to the Aravallis – the oldest fold mountains in the world.

JIVA SPA BOATThe Jiva Spa menu has been designed to nurture the individual’s Jiva or “Life Force” as the name signifies. Guests can choose tailor made spa experiences to suit their mood. All products used at Jiva Spas are natural and uniquely developed from Indian herbs, essential oils and special ingredients.

Royal Spa Sojourn (Duration 3 hours)
Jiva brings the Mewar Khas a local ritual and privilege of the royal Brides of the Mewar Region. This luxurious pre-bathing ritual offers a gentle scrub of fresh natural ingredients, followed by a relaxing massage using signature Jiva oils.

Energising Spa Escape (Duration 3 hours)
A signature Jiva treatment, the Pehlwan Malish recalls the efficacy of the powerful massages traditionally enjoyed by Indian warriors.

Romantic Spa Escapade (Duration 3 ½ hours or 4 hours with a meal)
Couples will delight in the invigorating Jivaniya treatment, which relieves muscular tension and improves blood circulation. Jivaniya includes an exfoliating herbal scrub, a heat-stimulating wrap of exotic spices and herbs soured from the hills of India, followed by a rejuvenating massage. After the treatments, guests can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area, whilst dining outside on the private deck.

JIVA SPA BOATRomantic Spa Indulgence (Duration 4 ½ hours / 5 hours with a meal)
Soma, Nectar of the Gods, is an indulgent couple spa experience. Two therapists offer a relaxing Indian aromatherapy massage, in a romantic candle-lit ambience, using pure, evocative oils. Guests relax in a soak tub rose petal bath, enjoying champagne and cheese in privacy.

After the spa treatment, guests can recline on the private deck and as a finale, guests are offered a fragrant floral blessing.

In the finest tradition of warm hospitality, the Taj Lake Palace Udaipur offers its guests a taste of a regal lifestyle – a luxury and extravagance that was once the sole preserve of kings. It’s elegantly appointed rooms, marbled corridors and garden spaces echo with romance and history, and every corner has a story to tell. In this context, the Jiva Spa encompasses relaxation and rejuvenation with tranquility and legendary hospitality.

For more information visit TAJ LAKE PALACE

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