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23 March 2009

Lotus breathes life into new Anantara Spa Phuket

Anantara Spa PhuketIntroducing Anantara Spa Phuket, where soothing treatments and modern amenities combine with ancient cultures and healing wisdom to create a luxuriously unique spa experience.

Anantara Spa Phuket is defined by the beauty and symbolism of the lotus flower. Considered in cultures around the world as the embodiment of purity, the lotus is also one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism which is widely practised in Thailand and represents enlightenment, rebirth and self-regeneration.

With its roots in the earth, its growth sustained by water, its leaves nourished by air, and its blooms made radiant by the fire of the sun, the lotus is the perfection of the fourfold order of the natural world. The emergence of a new flower from its earth-bound origins is an act of transcendence in which a higher world is reached beyond the physical self. It is with this symbolism in mind that Anantara Spa Phuket has combined age-old relaxation and restoration techniques with aromatic oils that allow guest to rediscover the inner and outer beauty that so often becomes clouded by life’s daily struggles.

The unique range of treatments is an homage to the mystical influences of the lotus: the white lotus for cleansing and de-stressing, the red lotus for the romance of couple’s treatments and the majestic double rose lotus to represent the stunning spa rituals.

The Anantara Spa Phuket is set over 1,000 square metres and has five treatment suites, some with sumptuous bathtubs for bathing rituals, a suite dedicated to the ancient Indian therapies of ayurveda and a yoga sala. The team of highly trained and nurturing receptionists and therapists are dedicated to creating unforgettable guest experiences that are as personalised as possible. Pampering products resplendent with intoxicating fragrances and genuinely proven properties combine with unparalleled service to promote inner calm, balance and harmony.

Anantara Spa PhuketThe Signature Massage is a perfect blend of East and West that allows guests to experience the benefits of traditional Oriental medicine in the realms of comfort and relaxation. The therapist uses a unique blend of oils and purpose-designed massage to concentrate on the body’s meridian liens to stimulate blood circulation, provide deep relaxation of the muscles and clear any blockages of energy or “Prana”.

Three and five-day spa journeys offer guests the opportunity to totally immerse themselves into a quest for healthy living, spiritual vitality and sheer beauty, both inside and out. Special treatments for two including massages, facials and body treatments can be enjoyed by couples, friends or mothers and daughters in one of the double therapy suites.

The Anantara Spa Phuket has been created as a haven of peace, calm and serenity where guests can leave behind the stresses and strains of everyday life and begin to synchronise the subtle energies of their being.

Our unique combination of rich local ingredients using herbs and plants, blended to achieve delicate flavours, luxurious aromas and powerful sensations will take guests on the path to ultimate self-regeneration. Whether it’s a brightening facial to enhance the natural glow of the skin or a yoga and meditation session to harmonise the body’s subtle energies, a visit to Anantara Spa Phuket will leave guests rejuvenated and revitalised.

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