Biography of the founder

Biography of the founder

Biography – Elisa Ianni Alice – Founder

Even as a young girl, the founder of perused travel magazines in search of 5-star hotels. This attraction to luxury hotels still drives Elisa—a cosmopolitan and perfectly trilingual Franco-Italian. In fact, she still collects magazines that specialize on the subject, constantly stuffing her library with guides and books on these jewels of the hospitality industry, nestled far and wide around the world and, whenever she can, spa-hops through distant countries to spend a few nights “someplace else”.

Yet it has been in communications, more particularly in mass media, that Elisa Ianni Alice focused most of her professional life, having spent some 10 years in the field (at CNN in London, at Elle International in Paris—in the media department at Cartier—and, for the past 8 years, at Aegis Media as a media account manager). With this solid experience behind her, and having recently added “mother” to her list of titles, she decided to change the course of her life and to use her talents in international communications and media combined with the power of the Internet and devote herself to her passion for luxury spas.

After conducting thorough market research, she observed some substantial demand in the area of travel built around the pursuit of well-being. Nothing on the web addressed this area, so why not start something? The idea of creating the first website dedicated to upscale wellness destinations that combine the concepts of spa, hotel and escape became a no-brainer. Confident of her project, she built a database, created its visual identity and listed the most beautiful Spa Hotels in the world.

In 2009, went online. Today, with over 500 recommended hotels, the business woman continues her quest to discover magical places, with a fervent desire to share them with the rest of us. Her criteria focuses on the welcome experience, overall services offered, décor/ambiance, environment, the quality of the spa and treatments available, and obviously on her personal expert impressions.

Indeed, Elisa Ianni Alice also offers her informed advice to hotels wishing to improve their services and “media” solutions to attract new customers. Her professional experience selling advertising space, in combination with her personal attraction to fine things makes her a true Spa Consultant.

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